Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How do advertisers GeoEdge, spy

Web Ad.vantage always providing the competitive advantage with the latest online marketing tools, better client work ( us demo & 30-day free trial live! ) of looking into the technology.

Spin takes GeoEdge recently we. GeoEdge is a tool to tracking display advertising with publishers, media buyers work. We share the new-found love, and I hope this review helpful.

Keep track of all display ad is the URL of any website and you choose trafficking GeoEdge site. And ads which provided exactly for all geographical locations and virtually it, you can simulate a wide selection of devices to display the view. GeoEdge the proxy network 75 in the world has dedicated server + country + 25 United Kingdom and North American cities. Enter URL of customer site or ad tags to analyze the world monitor, capture, and banner ads from its site.

First, install the GeoEdge toolbar, live in your browser. From the menu of the toolbar [first, select the location (drill down into started state in the country, and further drill down into the city, if necessary) [refer to specific URLs to view the web site. You view the web site to see someone from the actual location and see the same ad as GeoEdge, simulates the location selected. You can also select from the drop-down menu of the devices supported by mobile devices to simulate viewing experience advertising. Therefore, how to display the ads if you want to see somebody advertising France, using the iPhone 4 visit Gizmodo.com, provided they are for example, you can even do it using the GeoEdge!

Dashboards are GeoEdge, providing data for advertising, you can track advertising specific URL over time. A streamlined view sizes and specifications, plus it ( it easily through to visit click ) more organizers provided URL of the page linked, all display ads give. Tool during our hands (content, ad placements and campaign) was able to view web sites in various locations around the world, over 20 mobile phone,.

Competitive mobile market campaign at GeoEdge ( of SEM strategies like) can research and monitor ranking in remote areas, to optimize the keywords. Not bad!

Competitive analysis: and what banners and content provided by advertisers, sites, and, through the ad seen click. Ability to validate global advertising campaigns run according to plan, category and channel research to verify the success most. Who has bid on different ad placements are know. Ad incorrectly (or not) to determine whether the can simulate a wide selection of mobile devices in a variety of screen sizes. Like all MediaPlex, Atlas, Doubleclick and other advertising platforms, like providing reports. Self analysis to complement a solid, reported from a neutral third party, unless at least go to display advertising. To see if would be interesting to see what ( time? ) all other types of GeoEdge or other ad formats is specifically to provide similar peak video.

It is enough to we website advertising landscape plans give you understanding & buy and GeoEdge discovered a valuable tool for online media. Site advertising goes country of any web site which, all the devices, "land of layout", so to speak, you can.

( We ' love 'em! ) digital knowledge of what is a great tool, you know, at the end of the day, nothing can replace the media partner! If you are seeking partners in media and advertising expertise and proven performance planning us, phone (410) 942-0488 or fill the online RFP. I love to hear from us!

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